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If you're wondering what you should bring to the Camporee, we've created a helpful checklist for you!

  • Bible

  • Pen and pencil

  • Dishes, cutlery and a bag to transport them

  • Toiletries, including eco-friendly soap and shampoo

  • Towel

  • Insect repellent 

  • Water bottle (tap water is good for drinking)

  • Flashlight

  • Sleeping bag, sleeping mat/mattress, pillow

  • Powerbank

Image by Ali Kazal
  • Pathfinder uniform + scarf

  • Compass for the orienteering workshops

  • Extra scarves to exchange (if possible)

  • Hat or cap (we have an open-air stage, so it is important that you wear your hat or cap also during the main program)

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

  • Raincoat or jacket in case it rains (main program will go on if there is light rain)

  • Outdoor shoes, preferably waterproof (in case it rains)

  • Flip flops for the showers

  • Warm clothes for the evenings (temperature may go down to around 10ºC)

  • Bathing suit and water footwear (optional - for activities in the lake, limited amount of people allowed)

  • Money for the Bistro-Kiosk and Shop

  • If you need translation into your language, bring a smartphone to access the camporee translation app during the main program (only if parents allow it; the Camporee will provide a tablet for those who do not bring a smartphone but need translation (limited amount available)). 

    • Camporee languages are English and German, so if you understand any of these two languages, you won’t need the translation app.

    • Make sure to download and install the translation app “Listen Everywhere” on your smartphone before you come to the camporee. (Download using the QR code). Available in Google Play and the App Store.

    • Tell your delegation leader if you will bring your own smartphone for translation. That helps us make sure that everyone who needs it will have access to the translation app.

    • As a parent, if your child will bring their own smartphone to the camporee, please make sure you apply the appropriate parental control according to your child’s age and establish when and how they can use their smartphone while away from home. At the camporee, they only need the smartphone to access the translation app during the main program. The rest of the camporee they can enjoy away from the smartphone. Our priority is that Pathfinders use their smartphones in a safe and secure way, and in a way that enhances the program. 

  • If you need translation into your language because you don’t understand English or German, bring your headphones 

    • Whether you can bring your own smartphone or not, you will need headphones for translation. You can connect your headphones via bluetooth or via cable to the Camporee tablets or your own smartphone.

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