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Coming to a Camporee is also about making friends, enjoying quality time together 
and bringing home souvenirs.

So Pathfinders will find a bistro, an oasis in the desert! There you can grab a cold drink, an ice-cream or a snack. Come, relax and enjoy the atmosphere, chill out with your friends and connect with new ones. You don’t want to miss this spot!


Pathfinders will also find a shop on the camporee grounds.

If you are looking for some pins or some useful souvenirs from the Camporee 2019, this is the place to go. Would you like to have some Pathfinder items from other European countries?

Maybe you forgot something important for your personal care at home (for example, an eco-friendly shampoo). Perhaps you want to take some pictures at the Shop Photo Booth?  Come to the Shop to find these and many other nice surprises!

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