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A special place is being prepared by the team from the Austrian Union so that all Pathfinders have the chance to experience prayer during the Camporee. 

In today’s world, we are always connected. Through internet and social media, we connect with friends, stars and everything we are interested in. The unseen radio waves provide network connectivity. You only need a hotspot and a device that can access it.  As the saying goes, “Home is where the WIFI connects automatically.”

On our camping site, we don’t have free WIFI, but there will be a supernatural connection available for each one of you. The unseen presence of God, the Holy Spirit and His mighty angels are ready to provide the heavenly network. Our Prayer Tent will serve as a hotspot. You are heartily invited to come, pray and feel at home. 

Special prayer sessions every day:

7:20-7:50 united group prayer

16:45-17:15 personal intercession prayer for you

Lanterns in a Tent
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