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During this 2023 EUD Camporee, you will go to exciting workshops where you will earn talents and perhaps even gain access to a special Jesus Golden Card that you can then use during the City Life to do fun and special activities. You can also donate your talents to turn them into real money for ADRA, to make a difference in the life of many children in Ethiopia!


Just like Jesus grew in different aspects (physically, mentally, socially and spiritually; see Luke 2:52), workshops are designed to nourish you in different areas: outdoor skills, sports & games (physically), arts and crafts (mentally), Bible and outreach (spiritually). And they will even give you access to the Jesus Golden Card (socially).


When you finish each workshop, you will receive talents, which are small balls that you can use during City Life or to donate to the ADRA project.


You will earn talents at the end of every workshop. Each talent has a different colour and represents a different kind of resource:


White talents are from Bible and Outreach workshops.

Black talents are from Arts and Crafts workshops.

Green talents are from Outdoor Skills, Sports and Games workshops.

Some workshops will give you up to 2 talents (short workshops), others will give you 3 to 4 talents (medium-length workshops), and others up to 8 talents (long or special workshops).


White talents are very special: You can exchange 1 white talent for any 2 other talents (2 black, 2 green or 1 black and 1 green) at the Operations Center, or use 1 white talent instead of any 2 other talents during City Life. So, for example, if an activity costs 2 green talents, you can pay using just 1 white talent!


You can exchange your talents with other Pathfinders.


You can donate your talents too. Each talent you donate will be turned into 2 euros by our sponsor!


When Jesus came to earth, he put together a special group of people: the disciples. His plan was to work with them as a team. Thanks to the disciples and the way they connected and shared their story, we get to know Jesus today! They wrote their stories to help us connect with Jesus, to know God better, and to continue building a community of faith together. The same is true for this camporee.


The Jesus Golden Card gives you access to extra special activities during City Life, like riding a hover kart, testing your strength on a mechanical bull or trying the bungee trampoline. And if you donate a Jesus Golden Card to the ADRA Project, it will be worth even more: 25 euros!


These are the rules to get a Jesus Golden Card:

  • participate as part of a team of 6 Pathfinders in one of the Jesus Golden Card workshops

  • be a mixed group (of boys and girls)

  • represent 4 different countries

  • get enough stamps of each category of workshop in your booklet


You can exchange two stamps for a Jesus Golden Card at the Operations Center, up to four times.

For each Jesus Golden Card, you can buy one of the necessary stamps for 5 white talents or 8 green talents at the Operations Center.


You will explore 5 Workshop areas: Bethesda, Capernaum, Jerusalem, Galilee, and Nazareth. Go to the area of your wristband colour each time.


In each Workshop area you explore, you will find fun and interesting workshops that will give you talents. At the entrance of each Workshop area, you will find a map with all the workshops you can do.

Each workshop has a sign like this one:

WS example.png


Have you ever been to the market place or a fair in a big international city? There is music, snacks and drinks, games and entertainment. And most of all: people from all over the continent. City Life will be like this. 


This is where you will be able to use your talents to do lots of fun things.


It will take place next to the Open-Air Stage on Tuesday (21:00-22:30), Wednesday (21:00 to 22:30), Thursday (21:00-22:30) and Friday (10:30-12:30 and 14:30 to 16:30). 


Be ready to discover the life of the city! 


You can also use this time to donate your talents for the ADRA Project at the Operations Center, visit the Bistro, the Shop, and, of course, the Prayer Tent! You can also get your Camporee stamps!


Each City Life activity has a sign like this one:

City Life example.png


Your Jesus Golden Card gives you access to these special activities:

  1. Hover kart

  2. Horseback riding

  3. More coming soon...


Besides the activities offered during this time, City Life will also give Pathfinders the of collecting special stamps in their booklets.

Each delegation will provide at least one activity where Pathfinders can get their special stamp.


You can also choose to donate your talents to ADRA to make a difference in the lives of many children. With your donations, we will be able to support the Hospital for Children in Mikele, Ethiopia, allowing hundreds of children to get adequate medical care for one entire year. Our goal is to raise 10,000 euros with your help! 



1 talent = 2 euros donation

1 Jesus Golden Card = 25 euros donation

If you want to donate, go to the Operations Center until Thursday at 22:00.


If you have any questions about the talents, the Workshop areas or City Life you can visit the Operations Center. 


This is also the place to exchange your talents and stamps for a Jesus Golden Card and make your donations for the ADRA project.


As you can see, there is a lot to do during the Workshop times and City Life. We hope you make the most of it, meet a lot of new friends and really enjoy this Camporee! 


Let the adventure begin!

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