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During this Camporee 2019, you will go on adventurous Expeditions where you will earn talents and perhaps even a special Golden Joshua Card that you can then use during the City Life to do fun and special activities. You can also donate your talents to ADRA to make a difference for life!

Watch these 5 videos with 5 lessons to help you enjoy the Camporee.

Click below to see the Expedition and City Life Rules. They include a full list of Expedition workshops and City Life activities. Available in 9 languages.


Just like Joshua had to explore the Promised Land, during the Expedition times you will have the mission to explore different areas of the camporee. There you will be able to do some workshops that will give you talents, which are small stones that you can use during City Life.


To know where to go each time, you just need to look at the colour of your wristband. You should go to the Expedition area with the flag that is the same colour as your wristband. The flag will change position each time, so make sure you go to the right place! In the end, you will explore all of the Camporee Expeditions, just like Joshua did with the Promised Land.


During each Expedition time, each workshop will give you talents. Each talent has a different colour and represents a different kind of resource:

Orange talents are from Bible and Outreach workshops

White talents are from Arts and Crafts workshops

Green talents are from Outdoor and Nature workshops

Grey talents are from Sport and Games workshops

Some workshops will give you 3 talents (short workshops), others will give you 4 to 6 talents (medium-length workshops), and others 8 talents or more (long or special workshops).


Orange talents are very special: You can change 2 orange talents for any 3 other talents in the Operations Center, or use 1 orange talent in place of any other talent during City Life. So, for example, if an activity costs 2 green talents, you can pay using 1 green talent and 1 orange talent, or using 2 orange talents.


You can exchange your talents with other Pathfinders.


Joshua could not do all the work alone. All the people of Israel had to work together to enter the Promised Land. The same is true for you.


If you want to get a special Golden Joshua Card, you will need to participate in a special workshop as a team with other Pathfinders. A team is made up of 6 Pathfinders coming from at least 4 different countries. These special workshops will give you a Golden Joshua Card AND talents.


The Golden Joshua Card is very precious: it allows you to do very special activities during City Life, for example, air balloon riding, mountain biking, lake activities, climbing wall, horseback riding… 


Remember one important thing: you should only do 1 Joshua team workshop in each Expedition area.


You will explore 5 Expedition areas: Sinai, Hebron, Jericho, Shechem and Canaan. Go to the area of your wristband colour each time.


In each Expedition area you explore, you will find fun and interesting workshops to do that will give you talents. At the entrance of each expedition area you will find a map with all the workshops you can do.

Inside each Expedition area, each workshop has a sign like this one:

WS example.png


 Have you ever been to the market place or a fair in a big international city? There is music, snacks and drinks, games and entertainment. And most of all: people from all over the continent. City Life will be like this. 


This is where you will be able to use your talentsto do lots of fun things.


It will take place around the big circus tent on Tuesday (21:00-22:30), Wednesday (14:30 to 16:30), Thursday (21:00-22:30) and Friday (10:30-12:30 and 14:30 to 16:30). 


Be ready to discover the life of the city! 


You can also use this time to visit the Bistro, the Shop, the Operations Center, and, of course, the Prayer Tent! And also get your Camporee stamps (see your Camporee booklet) and win a prize!


Each City Life activity has a sign like this one:

City Life example.png


Your Golden Joshua Card gives you access to these special activities:

  1. Hot air balloon

  2. Pedal kart

  3. Zip line

  4. Hoverkart

  5. Horseback riding

  6. Mountain bike

  7. Dynamic bungee

  8. Climbing wall

  9. Human table football

  10. Canoeing

  11. Banana riding 


Besides the activities offered during this time, City Life will also give Pathfinders the of collecting special stamps in their booklets.

Each delegation will provide at least one activity where Pathfinders can get their special stamp.


All is not fun and games under the sun in the Camporee 2019. Just like the people of Israel faced dangers in the desert, every day we are in danger of suffering an infection in the camp. Every morning and evening, Pathfinders will roll 2 dice to know if we are infected or not. Different things will happen depending on the numbers and colours of the dice:

  • If the 2 dice show the same colour, the Expedition area of the same colour will be infected, so you will only receive half the talents for each workshop.

  • If the 2 dice show the same number (doubles), the City Life activities will be infected and each activity will cost 2 more talents of any kind.

  • Every time, we will add the total amount of the rolled dice and keep the score. When the total reaches 25 (and then 50), all the Expedition areas will be infected!

  • BUT, if the total of the 2 dice is 7, then everybody is saved, there is NO infection!


You can also choose to donate your talentsto ADRA to make a difference in the lives of many children in Sao Tome. With your donations, we will be able to sponsor up to 30 children for one year. This means 30 children will be able to go to school and have enough food for 365 days! If you want to donate, go to the Operations Center until Thursday at 22:00. 


If you have any questions about the talents, the Expedition areas or City Life you can visit the Operations Center. There you can also exchange your talents and make your donations for the ADRA project.

As you can see, there is a lot to do during the Expedition times and City Life. We hope you make the most of it, you meet a lot of new friends and you really enjoy this Camporee! 

If you ever have any doubts, just go to the Operations Center or ask your leader.


Let the adventure begin!

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