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For Pathfinders outside the Inter-European Division, registration may be done directly with the Inter-European Division youth department. 


Please note registration is only possible for Pathfinder clubs or delegations. That is, you cannot attend this Camporee as an individual.* Your Pathfinder club director (that is, the Pathfinder delegation leader) must register all the Pathfinders, and is responsible for the delegation as a whole. 


*Special consideration to attend may be given to Youth and Pathfinder directors at the Conference, Union and Division level.


Registration form: Each Pathfinder and participant must fill in the registration form. We will publish the registration form on this page as soon as it is ready. Registration will open beginning of November 2022.


Please note your registration request must be approved by your Conference/Union/Division before we can process it.


The registration deadline is 31 May 2023.


If you have any doubts, please contact


Important information for International Participants:

Airport:  Berlin (BER). We may assist you with a shuttle service from the airport. The price is to be determined, and will vary according to your needs. This service is NOT included in the Camporee price.


Accommodation: Every International delegation must come with their own tents. We will provide space for the delegation to camp in.


Price:  The price for those outside of the Inter-European Division (EUD) is 130 euros per person. This price DOES NOT include food.


Food: The EUD will prepare the meals for International participants. The price of the food is 96 euros per person, and includes the meals from Monday, 31 July (dinner) until Sunday, 6 August (breakfast).


Workshops: Depending on the number of Pathfinders you bring, you will be asked to prepare some workshops for the Expedition time in the program.


City Life: Depending on the number of Pathfinders you bring, you will be asked to prepare some activities for City Life. 


Please contact for more information.

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